Art on Decentralised Transaction Network

Solution in ArtSky

Combining Future Digital Arts with Decentralised Financial Technology which be ready to use in Sky and Space

Connect with your Wallet and start minting your masterpiece with the platform.


Start upload your masterpiece Arts, fill the description and set the Fee.


In ArtSky we support to sell with Fiat and Crypto. $ARTS is the native token for this marketplace.


Make selling for more copies, 20% of selling is Royalty Charge for Artist. We charge 2% every transaction in $ARTS


As the basic of the Decentralised Platfrom, ArtSky is the marketplace which not use 3rd party in hand


Cross Border Marketplace System, is just only could build using Blockchain Network


Accessibility in 24 hours and Digital based, makes all process in real time and no delay in selling and buying


Powered by BSC (Binance Smart Chain), $ARTS Token will use as main Currency in Buying and Selling in NFT Artsky


Products Development

ArtSky is DApps for Artist. Its connect into the Decentralised Financial in Gaming, Metaverse, Commerce and NFT in one ecosystem.

product images

NFT Marketplace
Non-fungible tokens

NFTs will become a trillion dollar asset class by the end of the year. NFT are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. You can buy, sell, and explore millions of assets across all of categories.

It handles your Identity, Credentials, Digital Money, Access Management, and also allows you to Broadcast transaction to the Blockchain

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Play to Earn

GameFi is the all-encompassing hub for game finance. The platform services blockchain gamers, investors, and traders in one Guild and Aggregator alongside a launchpad exclusively for games

Gaming and crypto both recognize utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity. The boom in blockchain gaming was inevitable. GameFi is pioneering a framework for crypto games to advance their project delivery through pre-designed, ready-to-integrate smart contracts.

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Decentralised Financial

DeFI is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains.

DeFi platforms allow people to lend or borrow funds from others, speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risks, and earn interest in savings-like accounts.

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The Metaverse is an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that support continuity of identity, objects, history, payments, and entitlements, and can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with an individual sense of presence.

The ‘metaverse’ is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you


Artsky Roadmap are building Ecosystem in NFT, GameFI, DeFI, D-Metaverse, De-commerce and CelebMeet


• Ideation (NFT Marketplace, GameFi, DeFi, D-Metaverse, and De-Commerce)

• Strategy.

• Ecosystem design.

• Mission, Vision, Initial Strategy, Key Milestone.

• Branding, Logo, Name.

• Releasing Whitepaper.

• Launching Social networks.

• Launching official website and channels.

• Expanding the team.

• Token creation and development strategy.

• Smartcontract development.

• Website Launchpad development.

• Early Private investor.

• NFT Marketplace teaser.

• Listing on Promotion website (Coinhunt, Coinsniper, Daapradar, Cryptototem etc.)

• Launching GameFi Platform (Score Prediction and Lucky Wheel)

• Pre-sale Phase 1

• Locking Dev Wallet.

• Airdrops and Bounty Event.


• Pre-sale Phase 2-4.

• Listing DEX (Pancakeswap)

• Distribution Token.

• Listing CEX (GateIO, Hotbit, LBank).

• Launching NFT Marketplace.

• Launching GameFi (Chess).

• Added more Game.

• Listing on CMC and Coingecko.

• Influencer Marketing (Youtube, Tiktok, Event).

Q2-2022MAX Q

• Expanding the announcements.

• Expanding the marketing.

• Wallet ARTS deployed.

• Staking Development.

• Farming Development.

• Improvement.

• Airdrops.


• CelebMeet Mobile Apps Deployed.

• D-Metaverse Deployed.

• Decommerce Point Integration Deployed.

Teaser Products in ArtSky

NFT Marketplace DEMO


Arts Wallet


Lucky Wheel
Score Prediction
Dice *development
Chess *development

CelebMeet Prototype

About Us

ArtSky is a decentralized financial that will develop NFT marketplace, GameFi, DeFi, D-Metaverse and Decommerce

  • Discover, Collect, and Sell extraordinary NFTs
  • Play Social decentralized-Gaming based on Crypto Platform
  • Swap, Farm, Earn and Loan Crypto in SKYWALLET
  • Feel, Imagine, and Live as in Metaverse
  • Buy and Sell in Crypto using De-commerce
$100 Million

Financial Ecosystem Flow at Artsky

Token Distribution

$ARST is the ticker's name of the Utility Token of ArtSky. Total token generated is 1B Token, with 800M in circulation and 200M will be burned. Total of 60% will be Distributed through Private Sale, Presale, Airdrop, and Public Sales. The rest 40% will be used for Marketing, Foundation, Operasional, Founder and Advisory.

Pre-sale: 20%
Public Sale: 30%
Marketing: 20%
Foundation: 10%
Private Sales: 5%
Founder: 5%
Advisor: 5%
Airdrop: 5%

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